Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thirty days hath September...

...and quite a few of those days are family members' birthdays! Here are the tributes!

September 1 - Kelly, another one of the women brave enough to marry one of my brothers! Hahaha! She has a big heart, is a great mom to Emma, Eden, and Teo, and impresses me with the fact that she's tough enough to take on "Captain America" a.k.a. James! I also like that she never forgets that it's Taco Tuesday!
September 4 - Emma! Wonderful, kind, thoughtful Emma! I can't believe that this niece of mine is already 11! She is so fun to have around! Eden and Teo are so lucky to have her for a big sister! She's into the Jonas Brothers, loves singing Taylor Swift songs, and is reading the Twilight saga (which I have yet to attempt!). She also loves watching hockey with her dad, and especially cheering on her favorite Calgary Flames!
September 8 - Teo is a year old! Yes, he is as adorable in real life as in this picture! He is also very smart...he knows how to sign "more", "please", and "thank you"! His mom taught him how, and we hope he won't forget when he starts speaking! He loves to give kisses and his smiles light up the room!

September 24 - My first SIL, Jenn! She and Eph have been married for almost 15 years! Amazing! I still kinda regret not being at the wedding (though I had a really good excuse!). I admire how organized she is - in spite of having a bunch of kids running around her house all week - her own and the ones she looks after, her house is almost always neat and tidy! I'll have to ask her her secret one of these days!

September 6 - My one and only Dad! I see so much of him in me - and not just when I look in a mirror! I know that my love for reading, sports, history, and war movies came from watching, learning from, and spending time with him! He's also been a great example of hard work and sacrifice! Most of all, there is no question whatsoever in my mind that he LOVES his family, and his greatest JOY is spending time with all of us!

September 19 - My WONDERFUL Mom! This amazing woman has been one of the best blessings in my life! I don't know if I will ever be able to describe the gratitude I feel that she is my mom! She is my best friend, my inspiration, my confidante, and my biggest fan! She has taught me the lessons that have helped me most in my life. She is truly the heart of our family!

Those are only the birthdays of immediate family members! I also have an aunt, and uncle whose birthdays are in September! I often wondered why September is such a popular month for birthdays...and then a wise friend of mine said, "because it's nine months after Christmas!" Hahaha! I guess she should know, her birthday is Sept. 25th! :D

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